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Matchfit Football presents...
  • Are aiming for regional, pro club or national selection
  • ​Are coachable and eager to succeed
  • ​Are hungry to be the best player in their team
  • ​​Understand that success in football comes down to fine margins and are willing to put in the work to give themselves the best possible chance of fulfilling their potential
  • Do not have ambitions of playing for a professional club
  • ​Often get lazy or make excuses to get out of training
  • Do not want to experience significant progress in their performances over the coming months
  • ​Are not coachable and open to new ways of training
Your child simply follows their fully bespoke, science-backed training plan from home via our training app, and we'll guide you both 1-1 within the app so that they can experience progress just like this over the coming months...
Results *Guaranteed* Within 90 Days Or Your Money Back
  • ​An In-Depth Body & Movement Analysis to identify their current athletic strengths & areas for improvement.
  • A Fitness Testing Report so that we have factual data about where they're currently at & what they need to focus on.
  • A Personalised Strength & Conditioning Plan built around THEIR body & goals, adapted to their changing weekly schedule to ensure maximum results.
  • A Fully Customised Meal Plan to enhance the adaptations from their training, help them recover faster and play with more energy in training and matches, tailored to their specific requirements and food choices.
  • ​Daily Tracking of their training workload & progress .
  • 1-1 In-App Messenger Support from each of our specialist coaches to keep them accountable and driving towards success on a daily basis. Interact through both text and voice instant messages.
  • Mental Mastery Video Course: A step-by-step video course presented by our Premier League Academy Sports Psychologist Barney Wren, you'll both have direct message access to him to within the app for extra support.
  • ​​Monthly 1-1 Calls or both player and parent with our Sports Psychologist to maximise mental performance. 
  • Save the time and confusion of trying to design their own plan and going around in circles. Simply execute the pro level plan we'll create for them within the app - tailored specifically to them - and be supported every step of the way.
  • ​It's all run online within our private training app!
JAMES DONNELLY | Coach & Director
  • ​Masters in Football Strength & Conditioning (Football Science Institute), Diploma in Football Strength & Conditioning (SAQ International), BSc Sports Science, L4 Strength & Conditioning Coach (SCE), REPS L3 Personal Trainer & More
  • Mentored by some of the worlds top Sports Scientists, working at clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona & PSG
  • ​Represented England Schoolboys U18's & 9 Years as a Youth Player At Wycombe Wanderers FC
  • ​Suffered career-ending injury aged 19, was able to make a comeback to competitive football aged 24 captaining a team in the Australian NPL
  • ​Over 50,000 footballers have followed James' online training programmes since 2016, many of whom have been able to step up to pro and even international level
YIANNI KYRIACOU | Coach & Mentor
  • ​Masters in Strength & Conditioning, UKSCA S&C Coach, NSCA Certified S&C Specialist & More
  • ​Worked within the academy at both Leyton Orient FC and QPR coaching S&C to academy players
  • ​Has coached thousands of footballers online over 5+ years with Matchfit Football, personally mentoring them to maximise their training and fulfill their athletic potential
SHAUN WARD | Sports Nutritionist
  • ​Masters in Sports Nutrition, BSc in Nutrition & More
  • ​Previously worked for Science In Sport as a Performance Nutritionist
  • ​Has worked privately with several top-level footballers, including a close link with Man Utd providing personalised nutrition plans as part of his role with SIS
BARNEY WREN | Sports Psychologist
  • ​Masters in Sports Psychology, Member of the British Psychological Society & More
  • ​Works within the academy setting guiding youth players and coaches at a top Premier League club
  • ​Works as part of a team with top Premier League clubs on their strategies for enhancing mental performance throughout the club
  • ​Works 1-1 with top professional players who are on the fringes of 1st team football or have been sent out on loan
  • ​Has worked at international level with other sports such as hockey and cycling
  • Pro club academies are increasingly focusing on developing young players who possess a solid foundation of physical attributes. This includes not only technical and tactical skills but also physical strength and endurance.
  • Players are covering more ground at high speeds, which can be attributed to the evolving tactical approaches and emphasis on pressing, quick transitions and counter-attacks. 
  • ​The number of sprints per match has been on the rise. Modern soccer tactics often involve rapid shifts between attacking and defensive phases, leading to more frequent sprints and changes in direction.
  • ​​Tactical approaches have become more dynamic and adaptable, which has influenced players' physical demands. Teams have been employing high pressing and faster transitions, requiring players to engage in intense bursts of activity.
  • ​Top pro players and teams are taking nutrition more and more seriously. With a growing appreciation of how nutrient intake affects energy levels, endurance, speed, resilience to injuries and overall physical and mental performance. As competition becomes more intense, even small improvements in these areas can make a significant difference.
  • Injury Prevention: Youth Elite will help reduce their risk of injuries by improving muscle imbalances, enhancing joint stability and increasing overall body resilience. Footballers are prone to injuries such as muscle strains, ligament tears and stress fractures. Proper training can mitigate these risks.
  • Enhanced Performance: Improved physical strength, power, speed, agility and endurance can directly translate to better on-field performance. Soccer requires explosive movements, rapid changes in direction and sustained efforts throughout a match. Youth Elite will elevate their capabilities in all of these areas.
  • Power and Explosiveness: Soccer players often need to generate explosive movements for actions like sprinting, jumping and tackling. A focus on power development through exercises like plyometrics and ballistic exercises will help them excel in these dynamic aspects of the game.
  • Speed and Agility: Acceleration and quick changes in direction are fundamental in football. Their Youth Elite programme will include speed and agility work to enhance their ability to react swiftly and efficiently on the field.
  • Endurance and Stamina: The higher the level they achieve, the more physically demanding each training session and match will be, requiring them to cover more ground and maintain a higher work rate. Youth Elite will improve their cardiovascular fitness, allowing them to sustain their performance levels throughout the match.
  • Muscle Strength and Size: While football is often associated with endurance, having a solid base of muscle strength is important. It will help them hold their position, win physical battles and resist opponents' challenges. Strength training also supports injury resilience by fortifying muscles and connective tissues.
  • Recovery and Fatigue Management: Their Youth Elite programme will include strategies for recovery and fatigue management. This might involve practices like proper nutrition, hydration, sleep optimization and techniques like foam rolling, yoga and stretching to enhance their overall well-being.
  • Mental Toughness: The physical demands of football can take a toll on any players' mental stamina. Engaging in challenging strength and conditioning routines will help them develop mental resilience, discipline and a strong work ethic, which will carry over to their performance on the field. The hands-on psychological aspects of the programme will also maximise their mental performance in training, trials and matches.
  • Individualised Training: Their strengths, weaknesses and playing style are unique. Their tailored Youth Elite strength and conditioning programme will address their individual needs, helping them maximise their potential and address specific areas that require improvement.
  • Longevity in Career: Soccer players have relatively short careers due to the physically demanding nature of the sport. However, a comprehensive strength and conditioning programme like this coupled with optimal nutrition will contribute to prolonging their career by minimising injury risks, enhancing performance and maintaining physical conditioning over time.
If you would be interested in joining our Youth Elite Programme, please complete the application form linked below for our team to review. Unfortunately, due to the 1-1 nature of this programme we cannot work with everyone.

Successful applicants will be contacted within 24 hours with details on the latest prices, package options and next steps.

This Youth Elite Programme covers both in and off season, and players can start at any stage of the season. For players aged 12-18 of all positions who match the criteria outlined above.
What ages is it for?
This Youth Elite Programme is for all players aged 12-18. We can create programmes for players from amateur to professional club level whether they have zero or five plus years of fitness training experience.
When Are The Training Sessions?
Your training sessions will be outlined for you on the app each day for you to follow and will be moulded around your schedule. The sessions will be guided by James and Yianni in each pre-recorded exercise video which makes up your session. You will not be doing the sessions live on camera with a coach (this is logistically impossible and inefficient), however our coaches are available 24/7 via the app instant messenger.
How Much Time Is Required For Training?
Example shedule during the season which can be tweaked week to week:

3 x 30-40 min gym-based sessions per week (can be done from home and of varying intensities)

1 x pitch based session per week (15 mins quality work)

1 x 10 min pre-match/training priming routine (can be done at home or in changing room)

1 x 20 min recovery routine (can be done at home)

A combined maximum of 3 hours per week will be required to see progress like all of the players above during the season. In the off season, this training dose will increase bespoke to your needs.
Do We Need Much Equipment?
To be even more time-efficient, we recommend having some equipment at home so that there are as few barriers as possible to consistently completing the workouts each week. 

A standard gym will have everything you need, but if you want to be set up to train from home here is an ideal list (if you don't have any of these we can be very adaptable and mould your programme around what you do have):

1. A selection of weights - can be kettlebells, dumbbells, or a barbell with weight plates - if I had to pick one I would go with kettlebells
2. Selection of resistance bands
3. Swiss ball
4. Bosu or some form of stability cushion
5. TRX or suspension trainer
6. A bench
7. Pull up bar
8. Medicine ball
9. A set of cones (if you have hurdles and agility poles too then great)
How Is 'Youth Elite' So Affective?
To experience lasting results from strength and conditioning training as a footballer, three things are vitally important (1) consistency (2) the timing of the sessions (3) tracking.

(1) Consistency

Professional players and clubs understand the importance of consistency in improving athletic performance and injury resilience, and will do some form of S&C based training (guided by specialist S&C coaches) almost every single day. 

For players below that level, normally (until now) the only option to try and match this quality of training, to prepare themselves for pro level football, would be to do multiple in-person sessions per week with a specialist coach (if they can find one in their local area). At anywhere from £100-£200 per session with a specialist football S&C coach, you can see how the cost would quickly escalate to even complete 1 weeks worth of training, making this depth of training and guidance impossible to access for many players who often need it the most. 

These costs are obviously not a barrier for players on top pro contracts, who have the cost of the training covered by the club and also have the means to pay for in-person sessions on an ongoing basis should they want to.

(2) Timing

Whether a player wants to develop their strength, speed, stamina, mobility (or all of these at the same time), the timing of the session is very important in relation to the outcome which is desired. If you do the wrong type of session at the wrong time, you could see limited progress, increase risk of injury and also decrease your performance level in a team training session or match. 

A footballer has many things to juggle during a typical week, so consistently training in an inefficient way can have huge implications on the pitch. This is not a problem for a footballer at a pro club, the club manages their entire schedule, have full context of their week and can implement the right type of session at the right time for maximum benefit.

If you do manage to find an affordable in-person coach, you are limited by that coaches availability. Let's say you want to work on your speed but they only have time slots available for you just after you've finished team training...your neuromuscular system will already be in a fatigued state, making attempting speed training a fruitless use of your time. This is just one example.

(3) Tracking

Tracking your childs workload is extremely important to ensure they are not over or under training and increasing their injury risk. Pro clubs will track every players workload, but seeing an in-person coach who has little context of what else they have done that week will be stabbing in the dark as to what workload is appropriate for them on that day, at that time.

Our online training solution solves all of these issues and gives you both access to pro level coaching (and results). Like the pro's, your child can be guided by specialist trainers every day, we can track their workload, have full context of their week, place sessions that they can perform at exactly the right time for maximum results and be flexible and adapt to weekly schedule changes. All at the same time as providing 24/7 1-1 support, saving you both the time and energy of travelling to in-person sessions, protecting their precious recovery/down time and being a fraction of the cost! 

Heck, our players even get access to things as part of this package that pro players DON'T or would have to seek elsewhere, giving your child the opportunity to actually get ahead and thrive against them when they attend trials.
Where Are You Located?
We are based in the UK and run the programme fully online so we can train players any time, from any country.
Is It For Male & Female Players?
Yes absolutely, we have both male and female players currently enrolled on the programme.
Will We Get Much Personal Attention?
Yes, from the moment you enrol you will be connected with our coaches within the app.
How Can You Guarantee Results? 
The training is based on science and the application of our combined expertise. We collect fitness data when we first start working with a player and then retest throughout the process, tracking everything along the way. This enables us to constantly monitor your progress and make any relevant changes. This combined with our track record of delivering results for thousands of players has lead to a system which is tried and tested and we can mould to any player with extreme confidence that they will make significant progress. 
Is Ball Work Included?
We add the ball into our fitness based sessions where appropriate, but we focus on fitness, we do not focus on teaching ball mastery.
Is It Easy To Follow?
Absolutely. Everything is clearly laid out for you to follow within the app and we will ensure you are clear on how to use all of the app features as part of your induction.
Will I Risk Over-Training
No. With our unique system we can track both your physical and mental state and workload on a daily basis and identity if the training dose needs to change for whatever reason.
What If I Get Injured?
If your you happen to get injured in a match you have 2 choices. We can give you training which enables them to keep training but without using the injured region, whilst they rehab the injury, or we can pause your training until the injury is rehabbed.
What If They Can't Do A Session?
Youth Elite is here to remove stress not add more! Simply let your personal coach know and they will adjust their week with the best possible solution. We are not aiming for perfect, we are aiming for consistent adherence which requires flexibility.
Can We Track Nutrition?
Yes, our app has the functionality to enable you to track everything you eat and drink.
How Is The Movement Screen Carried Out?
You will follow James on a pre-recorded video and perform the same simple movements whilst recording yourself. You will then send this video to us via the app messenger for analysis.
How Do We Get The App?
Once you complete your sign up we will invite you to download the app and create your training account, you can access this both on laptop and via the mobile app. This app is not available to the public and is accessible by invitation only.
What Makes You Different?
As a player I (James) spent 9 years at a professional club in England, trained with the 1st team, represented England Schoolboys at U18 level and also suffered a career ending injury which put me out for 4 years. 

Throughout those experiences I gained invaluable insights into what it takes to become one of the select few who gets signed as a professional footballer. I saw what qualities at a young age those players who made it to the very top possessed, players who went on to play in the Champions League, and represent their country at the European Championships and World Cup. 

I also saw why some incredible technically talented players failed to make the cut. The key thing which always stood out was athleticism. Technical ability is important sure, but once you reach a certain level every player is technically gifted, it's the athleticism which gives certain players the X Factor.

At university I was assigned my own personal strength and conditioning coach who helped me make phenomenal progress with my injury, this inspired me to specialise in football strength and conditioning helped me create a programme which got me back to playing competitive football against all the odds. 

14 years on I have learnt from the very best sports scientists in the world, and built a team of coaches to more players compound their technical talent with elite physical capabilities on the pitch, to give them the best possible chance of fulfilling their true potential. Many of the players we have helped have been able to step up to pro and international level.

However, for me the most unique and valuable thing I'm able to offer any player is empathy to a vast array of situations you may experience. I understand what it's like to attend pro and international trials, get released, make the cut, be told you can never play again, feel lost, go from extreme highs to crumbling lows, make miraculous comebacks and everything in between that your child can expect on their journey to becoming one of the 1%. 

My hope is that you see Matchfit not just as your coach, but as a supportive community who will do everything to help you on your journey to the top.

Together we will not chase success, but rather help you gain the qualities which ATTRACT success, making the journey a whole lot more enjoyable :)
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